Trevor Caudle Law Practice


Nice Things Clients Have Said…

Trevor is/was the BEST attorney I have ever worked with (and I work with many). From start to finish he was thorough, fair on pricing, transparent and willing to take as long as I needed to get the lay of the land without charging me an additional penny. He is extremely knowledgeable and will be up front about your chances of success and his recommendations for a back up plan.
— Todd B. (March '19)

Trevor is awesome! As a first time business owner trying to open up my office, I felt so confused and lost for all the legal mumbo jumbo that I had to go through to start a corporation. I am SO happy that I decided to save myself the stress and trouble and asked Trevor to help
— Hilary C. (July '18)

I highly recommend working with Trevor if you are staring up a business. I had so many questions and didn’t know where to start. With all the work that goes into starting a new business, navigating legal requirements and jargon is the last thing I want to deal with. Trevor made the process simple and clear.
— Cotille D. (July '18)

I was referred to Trevor from a family-friend and I have nothing but praise for his services. He’s very on top of things from day one in helping trademark my logo design and helping me understand how trademark registration process works. I highly recommend Trevor Caudle Law for your trademark needs!
— Daren L. (March '19)

I needed a quick turn around on my S-Corp formation and Trevor navigated me through everything like a seasoned pro. His advice is outstanding! Plus, he isn’t stuffy. Talking to Trevor is like talking to an old friend. A really funny old friend. I never thought that I could have fun going through the legal part of opening a business
— Andrea C. (December '18)