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Assisting small businesses and individuals since 2004.

Based in San Francisco, Trevor Caudle Law Practice commonly lends legal and business expertise to tech startups, but the vast majority of my clients are actually those enterprises and professionals that support the region’s tech industry. It’s the public relations and advertising firms helping to market the newest apps. It’s the bars and restaurants where the tech titans are conducting negotiations at the lunch hour, and celebrating new VC funding rounds over cocktails in the evening. It’s the accountants, real estate agents, consultants and other professionals that allow the San Francisco Bay Area economy to thrive in these very exciting times. Whether it’s a new LLC that needs to be formed, the brand name of a new product line that needs to be protected, or a Master Services Agreement that needs to be reviewed and revised in order to protect the company, Trevor Caudle Law Practice has the experience and skills to help.




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Areas of Practice

Small business

Every small business owner knows that before too long, a lawyer will become a necessary member of the team that contributes to the enterprise’s success. Whether there is an issue with a vendor or customer that crops up, or the time comes when it is time to hire that first employee, a knowledgeable legal counselor is a crucial ally given the complex legal world that we all operate in. Trevor prides himself on his practical approach to the law…always keeping in mind that small businesses often operate on tight budgets and thin margins and giving options and advice that always keep those limitations in mind.


Whether you are a service provider or you have a new product (perhaps software, perhaps not) coming to market, it is crucially important that you protect your chosen brand name. Equally important is ensuring that the name that you have chosen has not ALREADY been chosen by another company. Trevor can help you “clear” your chosen name so as to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else’s trademark rights, and then file for a federal Trademark Registration so as to prevent anyone from using your chosen name in the future.


All too often business owners are just too busy to be bogged down in the legalese often found in Master Services Agreements and other contracts that are just too long and too dense to make heads or tails of. Having an attorney that can review and revise contracts and, even more importantly, distill such agreements down into understandable concepts, is an invaluable asset to have on your team.


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